Fix backspace ^? problems in OSX emacs terminal emulators

I sometimes like to use term, ansi-term, or multi-term to fire up shells in emacs. Recently I noticed a subtle problem with these shells in OSX: in certain programs (such as vim and less), the backspace key will insert a string ^? instead of deleting.

The reason for this is that stty erase is unset. You can check this by typing stty -a within these terminal emulators; in the output you will see that

...; erase = <undef>; ...

whereas we want erase = ^?. (^?, i.e. Control+Question mark, is the raw key mapped to backspace).

The terminal emulator should be setting this key from the eterm-color terminfo file, but for some reason I couldn't get this to work properly on OSX (other settings within the terminfo file appeared to be read, but for some reason the setting of backspace was being ignored). So to fix this, I instead wound up adding the following to my .zshrc (use .bashrc if you use bash):

if [[ -n $INSIDE_EMACS && $(uname) == 'Darwin' ]]; then
    stty ek

This snippet checks if we are starting up a shell inside OSX emacs, and if so, manually sets backspace to use the system defaults. Instead of stty ek, you can also do stty erase ^\?.


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